How to Survive Long Airplane Travel: Tips and More

An air flight from Los Angeles to Australia will take an average of 22 hours. Can you imagine what this means? These are 22 hours of listening to the constant roar of the airplane's engine, screaming children and a lot more.

Long-haul flights can turn out to be a real nuisance and a bad experience that you will wish to forget once you alight from the plane. However, some ways can make your long-haul flight more bearable and comfortable. Read on to find out.

Stay Hydrated

Medical experts say that you need to drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day. Now imagine spending 15 or 16 hours in a closed-off metal tube where the air is super dry. Ask any medical expert, and they will advise you to up your water intake since air flights are very dehydrating.

Consider buying at least two bottles of water just before you board the plane. It is annoying to ask for the tiny cups of water from the flight attendants every 20 or 30 minutes. The more water you have, the better.

Avoid carrying too much stuff

Although the checked baggage fee is a motivation to many travelers, who wish to bring along more stuff, having the luggage on a long-haul flight isn't right for you. Anything that is under your flight seat or in front of you denies you more legroom. Now imagine yourself cramping in a smaller space for 16 or 17 hours. Isn't it dreadful? The best thing to do is only pack what is completely necessary to reduce the competition for your own sleeping space.

Wear layers and carry a scarf

Long flights come with a lot of challenges. Sometimes you will be freezing while other times you will be overheating. To keep your body temperature normal and comfortable, it's better if you consider layering your clothing. Wearing a simple T-shirt and carrying a heavy jacket isn't the best practice.

Instead, you should consider wearing a T-shirt with at least a sweater or a sweatshirt over it and then carry your jacket just in case things get worse. You should also consider having a scarf. A scarf comes in handy during long flights either as a fashion accessory, lumbar support or even a blanket!

Avoid alcohol

You should only order a small bottle of wine if you are the kind of person who only falls asleep after taking a glass of wine since you will need to find a way of sleeping. Otherwise, avoid alcoholic drinks since alcohol is a depressant and it can instead keep you awake throughout the flight period.

Drinking too much can also lead to other issues such as dehydration and tiredness. There is a possibility that you may even fall sick if you take too much alcohol on while on your flight.

Wear Socks

It is advisable that you go for the compression socks since they help in preventing your feet from swelling, deep vein thrombosis that you may get when you remain in the same sitting position for too long. The compression socks also prevent blood clots and intense leg pain.


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