6 Tips to Help You Save Money When Traveling

As much as traveling can be fun and an excellent way to unwind from all the hustles and stress that come with our day-to-day lives, it can also take a toll on your savings if not carefully planned. Having a budget can significantly help you in squeezing out all the fun from your travels while simultaneously lowering the cost and expenses.

Below, you will find travel tips that guarantee a trip full of fun and fond memories while keeping your budget intact.

1. Travel during off-peak times.

Also known as “shoulder periods” in the traveling industry is the perfect time to travel, especially when kids are back in school or after new year’s celebrations. However, these times may vary depending on different destination thus going for online deals that offer last-minute deals is a smart ploy to stay in the loop.

The flights are far cheap and the destinations less crowded during off seasons putting you in a position to bargain for better deals.

2. Take indirect flights.

If you have all the time in the world but tight on the budget then flights with stop-over is for you. Research on multileg flights to know where you can travel without paying any additional cash. This option is often far cheaper than direct flights.

3. Carry snacks and empty water bottle.

Being able to refill your water bottle once you are past airport security check can significantly help in saving a few bucks that you would have otherwise spent on takeaway drinks.

Also, granola bars or packet of crisps will save you money that you would spend on overpriced snacks and every time your kids need to refuel. I hate it when I have to pay so much more for silly meals. This is also where traveling with a backpack comes in handy, especially when you plan on walking around all day. Wear a comfortable backpack so that you can bring as many snacks as you want.

4. Accommodation and Transportation.

Before you book your accommodation ensure that its location is within a central area where you can quickly walk to places that you need to be. If you are staying in a city, you will want to be near a subway or bus stop.

Using road-sharing apps or websites likeBlaBlaCar to find rides with other travelers can also substantially reduce transportation cost and save big money.

5. Engage in free activities.

With just a little research you will naturally find many free activities within the local. Community calendars are a good way to catch up with what is happening in town while you are there.

Museums are an excellent fit and sometimes have discounted admissions at specific times of the day.

6. Avoid making calls or texting using cellular data.

Using cellular data to text or call abroad can easily shoot your bill off the radar, so it is wise to keep it off whenever possible. Check in with your cell phone carrier earlier on to know additional expenses that you might incur when making international calls and texting before you travel.

A cheaper way to call back home is using apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Whatsapp. With these user-friendly applications, you can talk, and video calls anyone else who has the app installed on the phones at unbelievably low cost.

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