5 Tips to Stay Safe While Traveling Alone

It’s fun to travel alone; solo travel gives you some level of freedom that you cannot experience when with your partner or children. However, the dangers accompanied by single trips are as many. Not that you shouldn’t travel, I am saying that in case you plan to travel alone, there are extra precautions that you need to put in place to stay safe on your trip.

This five-tip guide will help you stay safe when you travel alone.

Have a Good Understanding of Your Destination

Whether you’re traveling locally or internationally, a prior research of where you want to go is significant. Even the safest countries have some dangerous cities, and the perilous towns have some safe corners. A place like Mumbai is full of tourists, and at the same time attracts all sorts of criminals, from pickpockets to kidnappers.

The prior research will help know how to stay, which streets to take and which ones to avoid. For example, if in a busy city like Nairobi, Kenya, it will be wise to take well-lit streets where people are walking at any time of the day or night, that will help you avoid the lonely walks that can attract people with evil intentions.

Have an Itinerary

The worst safety mistake you can make is to get lost in a foreign place. That is as dangerous as jumping into a deep hole and hoping that you won’t die. The problem is that you don’t know who to trust, you might approach someone for direction, and they direct you to a different place where they can hurt you.

An itinerary will give you the confidence to walk around in a foreign city and not to look confused. Leaving a copy of your plan behind is also a fundamental safety measure, in case something happens and you don’t return in time, your family can use it to track you.

Arrive in Daylight

When planning your trip, schedule your departure time that will get to your destination during the day, if very late, early in the evening. Your first stop will be your hotel. Arriving during the day is very important as it will give you time to scrutinize the security of the area so that if you suspect it’s not safe, you have ample time to relocate to a safer hotel.

It is also important to note the landscape of a place you’re going to spend a night. In case of an unexpected event, like let’s say the hotel catches fire and people are forced to run for safety, you’ll have an advantage if you already know how the surrounding resembles.

Avoid Showing Off

Flashing off your wealth will attract people with the intentions of taking it away. Leave your expensive belongings like jewelry in your hotel room. Flashy clothes and accessories may get different kinds of people following you, from pickpockets, robbers or even con artists who will befriend you targeting your belongings.

Be Polite Unless Otherwise

You might not know what someone will do when they take offense in your behavior. You are in a new town; you don’t know anything about the inhabitants of the area. Being impolite can get you in trouble, and so is being polite. In case of someone is harassing you, being polite will get you hurt.


Prevention doesn’t get rid of solo travel problems, but being prepared and extra vigilant can help you stay safe during your trip.

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