5 Motivational Books Worth Reading on Your Down Time

You need to find a way of being motivated to face the daily challenges in your life. One of the best ways of remaining focused in life and pursuing your dreams is by reading motivational books. Some of these books describe the accounts of other people who were in the same position as you and how they managed it.

Below is a list of the top five motivational books that will spark, energize, and motivate you.

Awaken The Giant By Tony Robbins

This motivational is authored by Tony Robbins who is a well-known motivational speaker in the modern world. He shares valuable tips, mechanisms, and strategies to help you gain control of your relationships, body, emotions, finances, and general life.

The author talks about interesting mistakes that we tend to commit in our daily lives that don’t add any value to ourselves. In one of the quotes from the book, Tony Robbins describes success as the ability to do what you want to do; at whatever time you wish to it, anywhere, with whom you want to it with and as much as you want to do it.

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life By Burnett and Evans

The idea of writing this book came out of a popular Stanford University class of the same name. The two lecturers who taught the class became the authors of the book. Bill Burnett and Dave Evans took the responsibility of guiding the students through the real problem of designing their lives and careers after college.

The books talk about the same concepts. It offers a complete guide to how one can create a meaningful life and live to fulfill it regardless of whom they are or what they do for a living. The book teaches us how we can build our lives through the design process involving experimentation, prototyping and constant iteration.

The Four Agreements By Miguel Ruiz

According to the author of this great motivational book, Miguel Ruiz, four critical things in everyone’s life form

the fundamental steps on the path to freedom. He outlines the four steps as follows;

Avoid making any assumptions in your life

Always be impeccable with your words

Always do your best and

Avoid taking things personally

The author argues that the application of these four rules will lead to personal freedom. In one of the quotes from the book, Miguel encourages individuals to develop self-trust that is key to making right decisions.

Be Obsessed or Be Average By Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone, the author of this motivational book, seeks to inspire people and push them to realize their full

potential. In his text, he issues a bold call for any person who is ready to walk out of their comfort zone and become exceptional. He further says that if you are out to achieve your dreams, then you need to go beyond the average standards and become obsessed as well.

Hustle: The Power to Change Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum By Patel, Koffler, & Vlaskovits

Written by Neil Patel, Jonas Koffler, and Patrick Vlaskovits, this book teaches people how to view work and life through a different dimension. It encourages people to discover projects that they enjoy and find opportunities that tend to support their talent, happiness, and income. According to the authors of this book, hard work alone isn’t good enough to help you in achieving your dreams.

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